Ceiling Light

Painting Antique Light Fixtures

I'm not sure where I stumbled into the technique of painting old metal light fixtures. Could have been This Old Crack House's Refinishing Vintage Lighting part 1 and part 2

Maybe it was one of these eBay seller: deco lamp land, leomalyar, jem_jems_jewels

Where ever it was I love these light fixtures. Based on the fixtures I've seen with original finishes I do not think these are reproducing those in any way. I think they're better.

So this is a small fixture I found at Zinnias at Melrose, the best antiques vintage store in the western US. $12, pot metal. Sorry, no photo of the before.

One down side is a CFL bulb won't fit in this fixture.


I pretty much followed Gary Leitzell at This Old Crack House's gives a full explaination in Refinishing Vintage Lighting part 1.

I bought half pint cans of Rust-Oleum enamel. I made a mistake and bought too many colors. I could have mixed my own given just red, blue, yellow and white.

I had zero luck laying down a color and then black and wiping off the high points while the black was still wet. Details were sharp enough for that. And besides, that's an an antiquing technique, fake. Sorry, Jennifer, wiping a glaze onto a lifeless piece of furniture doesn't make it an antique.

Normal painting with a brush worked well once I got the hang of it.