Furring Strips

Lengths of scrap ¾"plywood to build out the ¼" paneling to give it some depth.


Beadboard Panelling

This is fairly nice red oak veneer beadboard. I got a bunch of this off craigslist for $4 per 4x8 sheet. These were from a resturant remodel. Some of it had been laid face down in dirt and walked on so there was I lot of little stones embedded into the veneer. Scrapping with a putty knife removed the stones. The dents, patina. Actually I can't even see them.

Some sheets had been sprayed will dark brown stain which was find. And some had some patches of red like they were having spray gun trouble. Also not a problem. I used a dark stain first to even them out and then red stain which gives some depth. Amber shellac followed by clear shellac. Next time I would use lacquer. I had never used it before when I did this wainscoting but have since and like it very much. I'd still use de-waxed amber shellac for depth and top with lacquer.

I would have liked to use the traditional tongue-and-groove boards but this was a bit of an experiment. There is lots to fear. Water damage. People not liking dark wood. I wanted dark wook, but who knows for sure until you live with it for a while. So far I love it.

While I'm happy with the panelling I suspect I'd be happier with some solid fine grain Douglas-fir. It would almost elimate the water damage concern. The other problem with veneer panelling is the sheet is all one piece of the tree, so you don't get unique grain on each board. But this wasn't a problem in this case because I stained it so dark.

Dado rail.

Dado Rail

The dado rail is hickory. I picked it up when buying some beams on craigslist. "Are you interested in anything else" is always good to hear. Couple bundles of solid Brazilian cherry flooring, bundle of wide hickory flooring, and a large bundle of oak molding. Moving on Friday and I need this "junk" gone. I go on a dozen pickups looking for this.

Any ways, the dado rail was tossed in for free. Perfect for capping the wainscoting. Already had the rabbet, bullnose. Guess it was milled as a dado rail. About 6" more than I needed. Clearly I must live right.