Personal Tissue Center

One word - Utilitarian

In this Not So Big House I'm always looking for space. One of my favorite places to use is the space inside walls. It's a chance for a "built-in", which most people seem to like for some reason. Maybe it is the efficient use of space. We all marvel at the efficient storage on ships, why not bring that into our homes?

This storage also served another purpose. This is our only bath and will serve as a guest bath in the future. New plan, this will be remain the master and guest bath. With additional rolls in plain view there is no hunting or panic should the primary supply start to become constrained at an inopportune moment.

Copper and Oak

The oak sides are from the bedroom base trim, with a bit sliced off. The front part is what was sliced off and I matched the stain and finish to the rest because I didn't want to lose that 100+ year old finish. Amber shellac is the key.

The roll holder is ¾" copper pipe with turned white oak caps inset with Canadian George VI pennies. Same design as the towel bar to ties elements together. The towel bar has Mexican coins to pay homage to both our great neighbors. No currency was harmed in the making of these pieces.

The opening for the holder is a touch smaller than the ¾" copper pipe so it snaps into place and won't pop out by mistake.

Flat copper straps are hammer flatten copper pipe. Slotted flat head wood screws to mount and attach the sides.


In orienting the rolls I chose a side view rather than the ends. They remind me of rolled and stacked terry cloth towels. A nice contrast with the dark wood.

Each stored roll sits on two #6 copper wires.

I did spend several hours trying to design some kind of dispenser type deal. I had one that used two buttons labeled #1 & #2, but that's as clever as I got. I could see it was going to be a month long project, need tweaking to keep the rolls from jamming, so I left that for another day. Also, I want to limit the "clever" stuff. Clever just for the sake of clever isn't really very clever.