Shower Caddy

Wire Cutting Jig

Cut a bunch of #6 solid bare copper ground wire using bolt cutters and a jig. The jig is just a sliding stop block, just like on chop saws. Slide the wire in until it hits the stop and cut. Makes quick work of the task and every length is the same.

These bolt cutters are under $10 and are bolted together. That makes bolting a jig to them possible. I've used these for all kinds of jigs for cutting metal to thick PVC. Good for cutting typewriter keys too.


The frame is ½" salvaged copper water pipe. Holes drilled to accept the #6 copper ground wire. There was a coupler fitting in the pipe which I left for interest.


There are two of these shelves. The frame and #6 wires are soldered in place.


For most copper and brass objects I like to polish at least to some degree and then let them form a natural patina in their environment. In this case polishing may not have been needed since these are going into a very wet environment and would even out very fast.