40 desk extensions from a Real Estate office. Particle board, but a craigslist freebie. I humped getting these out of their offices on Christmas eve.

For handles I drilled holes in the drawers and put a short cord through with a knot on either end. Worked OK, didn't look too good. I also nailed on card holders for labels but they were too small and at a bad angle to see. Later I milled wood handles. The channel holds card stock labels at a 45 degree angle. Much better.

Copper Plated Bins

Got a bunch of these off craigslist for holding screws and such.

Used aluminum tacks to riveted on card holders from the drawers. Clamp flat head punch in vise, head of tack on punch and hammer over tack's point inside bin.

Safety Glasses

1927 Wilson safety glasses off eBay. Work way better than modern glasses.