Saw Stop Block

I should have built one of these years ago.

Plate 1.

Track on right is attached to wall.

Stop block on left slides in track, knob screws down pushing plate against track to lock.

Plate 2. Track is ¼" plywood held off wall.

Plate 3. Stop block parts.

Plate 4. T-nut in back of stop block.

Plate 5. Antique door knob with ⅜" threaded rod.

Plate 6. Steel push plate with welded guide posts set into 4 holes. This will be pushed into track by handle when turned.

Plate 7. Push plate in place.

Plate 8. EPDM (rubber) over plate. Will be between steel plate and plywood track. Rubber with better grip track and protect plywood from scratches.

Plate 9. Assembled stop block. Extended part can go over top of chop saw base to allow cutting short pieces.

Plate 10. Done. Stop block on track. Works great. Smooth, easy lock and unlock.