Corner Cabinet

Simple Things

This cabinet has been around for several decades. I forget its exact origin. Every time I move I wonder if it should just be tossed since it just sits someplace and forgotten. So I cut it to fit into a corner.

Sliced Off Corners

I cut the corners out of the cabinet so it would fit into the room's corner. The light areas are the painted drywall acting as a back to the cabinet. Not a lot of storage space, but some.

I just took off the door to keep it safe. The cut went slick except for a few sparks going through some nails.

Looking closer at this cabinet I appreciate the old pine. Thick boards and tight clear grain. And I like the genuine patina which adds a lot of character to the room.


I built some shelves beneath using Brazilian Cherry. Exposed #10 slotted solid brass wood screws and copper straps. I need to add some kind of doors as Caren refuses to use these bottom shelves. Too close to the action and she has serious doubt about my aim.