Curing Fish 101

If you're looking for stuff to toss into your pond to cure a dying fish you don't want this page. If you're looking to keep your fish alive this might be a useful read.

Because your here you likely have a sick fish, or is acting strange, and you're worried and want to help the fish. You also likely haved been testing water until maybe yesterday, you don't know a lot about ponds and less about fish. But now you feel your pet may be in trouble.

There are no easy answers...but there are lots and lots of things you can do to your fish. They all sound easy and sure fired. But only because of inexperence I'm sorry to have to say. That can be more dangerous than anything going on it your pond. Take your experience level seriously. Your fish have a much better chance on there own.

Instead take this opportunity to learn. And I don't mean someone in a forum said to toss a bottle of XZY into the pond. That's freaking out, not learning. Learn about how water is tested, whow water quality can be improved. Things that you can do to help fish immune systems. There are lot's of good info out there like and and others. It takes some time.

I read it over and over in forums...I have a sick fish, someone said add X so did. That is sooo dangerous. Some of these things do work, but they all have consequences. It takes a fair amount of knowledge, care and water testing to use many of these 'cures'. Many stress already stressed fish. It really is better imo for inexperienced keepers to not add any product to the pond. It's like if you didn't feel good and the pharmacy allowed you to shallow any prescription drug you'd probably do a lot more harm to yourself than good. So we go to doctors who hopeful know all the drugs you're already taking, as an idea of what needs to be cured and prescribes a single course of treatment at a time. People selling stuff are professional only at selling stuff. If you where to go back to that store and say the 'medicine' didn't cure the fish I'd bet anything they wouldn't say "that's weird, it should have". Instead I bet they'd say "oh, then it's probably a bacteria problem (or O2, or pH, or fill in the blank) and here's a bottle of stuff to fix that".

And the sadder fact is virtually no one cures fish. At the highest level of fish keeping where people have microscopes, know how to use them, are prepared to inject medicine sure, fish can be saved. But at the level of backyard hobby pond the only fish who are cured are those than happen to live thru the ordeal and live in spite of the cure. If you want to learn to cure fish you have to expect to kill a lot first. Learning is hard on fish. If you're committed then sure, plow ahead. If this just happened and you have zero experience your fish is probably going to pay the price. Better to let the fish try and work through the problem on it own. It has abilities. You can still try and figure how what happen, improvements that could be made and are safe for your expereince level. But today is not the day to start throwing everything someone suggests into the pond

Hope your fish pull through.

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