Internet Expert Advice

And this applies to this web site too.

Items in chat boards become fact by repeated enough.

Most chat rooms, doesn't matter the subject, have resident "experts". You get to be an "expert" by hanging around longer than anyone alse and flaming anyone who questions their dogma. The need to be "right" is overwhelming in many people.

I think it's certainly possible to get great advice in chats. Trouble is if you ask a question you're liking to get every possible solution including some really bad advice. Since you asked the question how would you be able to tell which is the best answer? Seems to me like people normally take the worst advice and I think that makes sense. Bad advice is given by people with the same level of experience as the person posting the question so wouldn't the poster normally understand or relate better to the inexperienced expert?

Test any advice you get. Try the simplest and cheapest first. You'll learn for yourself and waste as little time and effort.

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