Bacteria Cleaning Products

Bacteria in a bottle. Dump it in and let those bacteria eat all that waste and your pond will be clean.

The most famous of these types of products, although not for ponds, is RID-X, bacteria you dump into your septic tank to eat all that crap. Been around for many years. You won't find any studies on their web site that show their product works. They only explain how it works, which is very logical of course.

My test on whether a product works or not is results must be clear and repeatable. I dump a bottle into a dirty or green pond and it's clean the next day I'm impressed. Repeat in a few more ponds and I'm a believer. I've only used a few of these products and I saw zero results. I have met other ponders who say it does work. But when I ask about the results they say things like "it would've have been worst without it". I've not heard anyone say, wow, the pond was clean.

Logically I don't see how they would work. The pitch is you need more bacteria. Well, you have more muck than you want so it follows you need more bacteria. Makes sense, if you have a field of tall grass and one sheep you know adding more sheep will mow down the grass faster. But what if each sheep split into two sheep every 15 minutes and they would do that as long as there was grass? If you started with a single sheep in 4 hours you'd have over 65,000 sheep.

So if you have muck bacteria want to eat and you have some bacteria provided by Mother Nature, why aren't you already knee deep in bacteria. Well, you are. But bacteria are going to be constrained by normal conditions and other animals eating them. Bacteria in a pond, or anywhere, will quickly grow to use all available resources. Pouring more bacteria into an already full soup will do what? Add more crap that needs to be eaten or removed.

How about your pond doesn't have any of the required bacteria and so you need this bacteria product to get the process started. If you're on any planet other than Earth this would be a good reason. But here on Earth, that would be impossible outside of a laboratory.

These products work only because they're suppose to, not because they actually do. You buy it, dump it in and your pond clears in a few days. Wow, this stuff really works and you tell anyone who will listen in a chat room. The logic trap is you expected the product to work and the expected result happened so therefore is must be your brilliant move. But of course ponds do clear on their own. When I hear about one of these products not working I hear things like "I must not have applied it right" or maybe the "bacteria died".

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