Silt Brush Build Instructions

The brush bolts onto a pole and connects to a pump via a hose.

We've used several of the vinyl swimming pool vacuum heads which are much larger so you'd think would be better but we had problems. The opening was smaller than the brush so clogs were more frequent. Pond needed a pretty smooth bottom. The worst problem was fish diving under the head to hide and being sucked in. Fish didn't seem to see the small brush as a hiding place. We haven't sucked up any fish with the brush but did with the swimming pool heads.

Part List

All the parts needed can be found at most hardware or building supply stores. These instructions assume you have experience working with PVC, cutting and drilling. Some of the cuts require experience working with saws and drills which can be dangerous.

A single 2" x 1-1/4" bushing can be used instead of the the two bushings shown but it's a difficult part to find.

Pole Holder

The 6" long piece if sch 40 PVC has a flat spot cut into one end at about 22 degrees. The flat spot will rest on top of the 2" coupling.

A 13/64" hole is drilled thru the handle holer and thru the center of the coupling. If the hole isn't in the center of the coupling the bolt head won't allow either the bushing or brush to be fully inserted into the coupling.

Flatten the hole with a file on the pipe where the nut will be so the nut will have a good seat.

A 2" round headed bolt is pushed thru the hole from the inside of the coupling. Any size greater the 2" won't fit into the coupling. You want the head inside the coupling rather than the nut so there's less change for debris to get hung up. A lock nut is used to secure the bolt and handle holder. No washers or glue is needed.

If a swimming pool pole is too be used as a handle: Drill a 1/4" hole in the handle holer that lines up with a hole on the pole. The 2" 10-24 bolt and wing nut is used to secure the pole.

Brush Modification

The brush won't quite fit inside the 2" coupling but that's easily fixed. First, this may only work on brushes made with plastic that has some give. If your brush is made of very rigid plastic it probably won't work.

Make 4 'V' cuts at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions in brush where hose is normally attached. The the 'V' is about 1/4" wide at the top and about 1-1/2" deep. You can test how easy the brush is to insert into the coupling and adjust the size of the 'V' to your liking. I use a sharp utility knife to make the cuts and a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Luckily there are only 4 cuts and I have 10 fingers. You may want to use a hand saw to make the cuts.

The brush can still be used with your shop vac even with the cuts.

Assembled Remaining Parts

The parts are just pushed together. Everything should be snug enough without glue but you can go ahead and glue if you like.

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