Attaching the Leaf Trap

FloTec Tempest II pump with attached Leaf Trap.

The instructions below explain how to install the Silt Vac Leaf Trap onto to your pump. This is normally done just once when you first use your Silt Vac.


  1. Don't do this installation on a deck, lawn or other place screws can fall into and become lost. The screws are self-tapping, pan head, sheet metal screws, size 10, 1-3/4" long. Replacements can be found at good hardware stores.

  2. The Leaf Trap top is not meant to be installed and uninstalled over and over. The plastic in the pump holding the screws will give out at some point. We've repeated an intall / uninstall a couple dozen times and haven't had any problems but do know at some point the screws will no longer bite.

  3. The Silt Vac is designed to be installed on the 1/6 HP FloTec Tempest II pump, model FPOS1250X. No other pump.

  4. Be gentle. The cut out notches that lock the leaf trap body to the pump are weak and can be broken. The Silt Vac can be used even if one tab breaks off. If both tabs break off you can extend the notches further using a saw or soldering iron. Contact us if you have questions on how to do this or to get a replacement cap.

  5. A philips head screwdriver is required.

Let's roll...

Step 1:

Looking at the bottom of your pump there are 8 screws holding the bottom cover on the pump. Remove the 3 indicated screws. Keep the removed screws in a safe place should you ever want to remove the Leaf Trap top.

Step 2:

Place the rubber gasket on the outside bottom of the 4" cap roughly aligning the gasket's 3 small holes and 1 large hole with the same holes in the cap. You may have to flip the gasket over for the holes to align up.

Push the 3 provided screws thru the cap from the inside of the cap so they go thru the 3 small holes in the gasket.

Step 3:

Line up the cap on the bottom of the pump so all 3 screws are in in the holes of the 3 screws removed earlier. Get each of the screws started a little way. Don't tighten until reading the next step.

Step 4:

There is a bit of a rub. The cap may hit a tab on on the bottom of the pump. As you screw the cap on make sure that tab gets pushed out so the cap goes down onto the pump's bottom. A flathead screw driver will do the trick. You can shave the tab off using a utility knife but that shouldn't be needed.

Once the tab is cleared you can screw the screws down so they're snug, just so the gasket compresses a little. It's easy to over tighten the metals screws and strip the plastic threads.

Congratulations, assembly is done!

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