Living Room

This had been a bedroom and will be again in Feydeau 2.0.

Coffered Ceiling

I used the existing ceiling joists. So you are looking at the home's structure. Not foam beams glued to the ceiling. It adds volume to this 14 ½' x 14 ½' room with 8' ceilings.

The existing joists are beautiful clear Douglas Fir 2x6's. But I had to fill in with modern wide grain 2x6's so the wood work is crude, let's say county. It was done at a time when we thought we were going to replace the roof structure so I didn't want to invest too much in this ceiling.

Finished with white opaque stain. White on crude wood work could be called shabby chic, but please, not in front of me.

We had never lived under coffered ceilings before. They are well liked by us and are the most commented on feature by vistors. Volume and interest without much effort. And above there is continuous insulation, no gaps for joists. I will be looking to use them more in the future.

Ceiling Fan

Greenwich model by Hunter. Nice enough fan. Originally I'd hung a fan that had been in the house, but sweaked badly. This fan has the typical powder coated finish called "bronze". Of course it isn't bronze or anything like it. I looked for a more honest, non-fake finish, but could find none in any price range.

Bamboo Floor

I take what I can get on craigslist. My strategy is to find high quality material I thought might work. Buy at a low price and figure out later how to use it. Worst case I could resell it.

I don't pay more than $1 per sf which is about 50 to 75% off full retail. That helps cover all the added costs of working with used material.

Solid 3 ply bamboo from a combination of craigslist buys. This is the third home I've installed bamboo flooring. I like it for easy installation, wear, and beauty.

The pattern was kind of dedicated by the amount of flooring I had acquired. I had horizontal grain stained black and natural vertical grain.

I figured out how much I had of each color, checked what milling would be required to make the two join, and then figure out a pattern. It kind of mirrors the coffered ceiling. When done I had 4 pieces of the black and none of the blonde remaining.

Black Flooring

We are not neat people. Sure enough, the black floor was initially pretty much always dusty looking. But as the overall construction dust level has been reduced the black is performing OK. Worth the extra cleaning to have an interesting pattern.


Bamboo is touted as Green but like pretty much all things Green it's really Greenwash. Using the concrete under the bamboo would have been more "Green".


I used a combination of woods for trim, all from craigslist.


Air Vent

Originally I had a regular, ugly, metal vent over where I thought the TV would go. But the sofa ended up under the vent and it was very uncomfortable when the AC or heat came on.

I've always disliked vents. Cheap, ugly and they only get uglier with age. But I've also been hesitant to build my own. I was afraid they would stand out too much, throw off the room.

I had to fix this vent so it didn't blow down. Adjusting the fins on the original vent didn't help, they never do. I knew I had to direct the flow outward, parallel with the ceiling. I had a roll top desk I never used and the top was about the needed width. So there you go.

The vent's prominence didn't throw off the room. It looks OK and is surprisingly unobtrusive. We don't really look up. Perhaps a perception limit.

The function aspect of the vent was the real surprise. The air is diffused so well I can barely feel the air even with my hands up by the ceiling. The room is extremely comfortable. And that's not hyperbole. The change in comfort really surprised me.

I now consider custom vents a requirement.