Cabinets out of Jay's Ralph Haver home, $175, 11/22/2008.
The wall on the left side was a failed plaster test.

Temporary Kitchen

The kitchen is located in a part of the house we planned to reconfigure in 2.0 so I just put in a temporary type deal. I took the opportunity to try some different things.

My main interest is in a kitchen being more like they were for most of human history, a functional place. Original Craftsman kitchens were utilitarian. I will integrate a gathering place in 2.0, but keep it utilitarian. More of a household shop instead of showroom.


Looking for something similar to the sanded plaster walls in some Prairie School homes I experimented by adding concrete color to joint compound. Kind of a Venetian plaster. I tried a few different color schemes on different walls as you can see in the photo. High contrast colors on the same wall did not work very well. Looked much worst in person than the photo shows. I attribute this completely to my lack of skill and research. A more solid type color might work but the two tone is too busy for a small house.


The cabinets are out of a Ralph Haver home. Not great, but an interesting sort of plywood. A heat gun allowed pulling up the contact paper but left a layer of glue which required paint stripper. At $175 I paid way too much. But the seller, Jay, was in the middle of a remodel himself, so it went to a good cause.

Nice big solid brass knobs, not original. I've been using the extra knobs on all sorts of things. Turned out to be a great way to tie items together.

$25 laminate flooring used in kitchen, hall and closet. Sold remainder for $30.

Final Paint

Most of the "Venetian Plaster" walls were painted over, with one small wall remaining as an accent. Much better.

Cheap laminate flooring, Maple, but it looked nice. Well, at least for a day, more on that in a bit.

Double entry doors to the worlds largest mud room as we call it. I want double doors to make moving easier. I'm the mover. The direction of the door opening is awkward.

The lay out of the kitchen is not great, but it works. The window provides excellent light at day break, perfect spot for making coffee and bagels.

Washer Dryer

Decided the washer and dryer had to be inside rather than outside. Oh my, the concept of walking outside when temperture wasn't between 70.5°F and 72.5°F is just inconceivable for most Americans. I didn't want these in the living space from an energy or maintenance standpoint. It makes little sense to me to dry clothes in an air conditioned space when it's 110°F outside an under 10% humidity. I tried to make the case several times, but one must pick one's battles.

First day in the house the washer overflowed and I had to rip out the laminate floor, base trim, and cut the drywall up a couple of inches. Why don't I like washers inside? In Feydeau 2.0 I will design a better washer containment system.


I like the country look of exposed shelves. Beadboard back, red oak shelves, visible screws.

Hot water heater in the lower left.

The counter is Brazilian Cherry with a polyurethane finish. Really beautiful. An experiment to see how it holds up. We're not babying it by any means.

The wood inlaid backsplash is made of panels from a gun chest found on the property. My guess it was made by a former resident. It was a bit rough and unfinished but interesting. I filled the gaps between the pieces, belt sanded and finished with polyurethane. Easy enough.

The larger wood inlaid panel to the left covers the back to the shower plumbing. My days of burying utilities inside walls is slowly coming to an end.

No Garbage Disposer

Sink is nice and deep compare to our Moon Valley house. A $40 craigslist find. Steel, not cast iron, but it came with a nice Delta faucet and a garbage disposer which I didn't use as I see no point to these.

No Dishwasher

I hate dishwashers. Wash the dishes, bend over to load, bend over again to unload. You almost need 2 complete set of dishes plus the space to store them all. Even with 2 sets you still end up needing something in the dirty washer. For two people they make little sense.

The dishes are always filthy. People who use dishwashers swear they're clean...they aren't. My Mom used to say the crap on the dishes was OK because the dishwasher sterilized them. Yeah, it's autoclave Mom.

In order to reduce the discussion about whether a dishwasher was a requirement I decided to do all dishwashing. This all ends all future discussion about who washes what when. If there are dirty dishes it's on me, period.

I like doing dishes. It's part of cooking and eating. Having the hot water heater next to the sink has been a plus...nearly instant hot water. I also like hearing the hot water running as it reminds me that hot water isn't magically appearing.