A bit dusty yet.

Initially I was very concerned about storage. The most common complaint I heard from people living in small spaces was lack of storage. Even small kitchen and bath complaints had to do with lack of storage as items overflowed onto work surfaces. I've tried to solve this issue with a minimalist principle, keep surfaces clear of clutter.

So I went a little overboard on storage.

In Europe I saw many bedrooms using an armoire rather than a closet. I liked the look, the flexibility. So I purchased this armoire off EBay. It has yet to find any real use. The bedroom is currently crowded with furniture and something will have to go.

Strand Bamboo Floor

This is a woven or strand bamboo floor. Very solid, dense floor.

I picked it up on craigslist and later found it had to be nailed or glued down. Glue was the only option for this concrete slab. Problem is I will not glue a floor to concrete.

All glues are completely safe...until they aren't.

I trust white glue. Floor glues are made of stuff I do not understand. To paraphrase Warren Buffett, I do not like to live with stuff I don't understand.

Future remodels.

Getting up a glued floor isn't that hard. Unbonding the glue residue, impossible. I do not want to build in a way that limits the future.

I turned the problem upside down and fastened inlaid copper straps to the top of the flooring. The copper straps are scrap water pipes hammered flat. I used this copper detail throughout the home to tie elements together. It is an honest material.