Towel bar.

Bodacious Towel Bar

A small house doesn't mean everything must be small. There is nothing small about this towel bar.

Very solid. It provides the holding power of safety grab bars without looking like you're living in a hospital.


Subway tile.



The wainscoting is the ubiquitous thin plywood fake wainscoting unfortunately. I've tried to not use anything fake in Feydeau, but I took this shortcut as I got a bunch of 4x8 sheets off craigslist at $4 a sheet. It is at least red oak veneer. Someday I'll replace it with solid Douglas-fir I'll mill from studs and joists removed from the house.

The 3" x 6" subway tile is exactly what I originally wanted. Only time this happened at Feydeau. Normally I buy material and then find a use. Found this tile on craigslist for $40. Enough tile to do three showers. Nice couple were moving the next day and needed it gone.

The 18" x 18" travertine is another craigslist buy, a bit less than $1 per sq ft. Actually two batches from two different buyers, same travertine. Small world. One batch had old mortar on it, easy enough to remove. Thickness varys a lot with these. Have to find the max thickness and start with that tile. All others need enough mortar to bring them up to that first tile. Trick is to take it slow and check edges. Small room also helps.

I cut a thick travertine tile for the wall cap and shower threshold. The threshold was a couple of inches wider than the tile, another design opportunity. I mortared small river rock on either side to fill in. Ties in nicely to the border on the wall inside the shower.

Corner Cabinet

Mount flat against the wall and get more storage while crowding the throne, or in the corner?

Tissue Command Center - Four rolls in the magazine, one in the chamber.

I like the look of the white rolls against the dark wood. This also solved the problem of guests not knowing where extra rolls can be found.

The magazine is recessed into the hollow wall cavity. A lot of storage space can be found within interior walls. In tiny Feydeau there's as much space in the walls as in a 2' x 15' x 8' closet. Of course not all of it could actually be used, but it is an available resource just sitting there.


Barrel Ceiling

Brazilian Cherry engineered flooring ripped in half to about 1 ½" wide. That helped to make the curve and also so it wouldn't look like flooring.


Art Deco Lincoln bronze chandelier I plan to paint someday like the closet light. I like the curlycue CFL lamps and the five bulbs throwing 300 watts of light for 70 watts of power and way less heat is great. The power company sells these for $0.50 per bulb from time to time.


Cast iron grill for the exhust fan. A bit after completing the vent I got an old treadle Singer sewing machine who's foot peddle had a curve matching the ceiling and a similar cast iron grill. Would have been perfect.